Welcome to Samantha March

Ah, my first blog post. After staring at a blank screen for about ten minutes, I realized these suckers are pretty hard to write. There is no flow or organization to follow, but you have to create it. From the beginning. Tapping my fingers on the keyboard. I guess I could start off by introducing myself.

My name is Samantha March, and if my author photo looks suspiciously similar to that of Samantha Robey, the blonde behind, that could be because we are the same. I decided to follow the popular path of creating a pen name for when I publish. I couldn’t bring myself to change my first name though. I was worried I would become too confused seeing emails addressed to Katie or Britney. Who am I kidding? If I had to create a new first name for myself it would be something a lot better–– like Beyonce or Charli.

Anyways, I am Samantha March for publishing purposes. Welcome to my new site, and thank you to the lovely IceyDesigns for creating this for me. My debut novel, Destined to Fail, will be published in November, and I am so excited to finally share it. I jumped back into writing about three years ago, and wrote and wrote and re-wrote and re-wrote and sent my story to editors for feedback and then re-wrote and wrote. But finally, I have a finished product. It’s a little surreal, I’ll be honest.

My hopes for this site is to share tips and tricks that I learn along the way as I dive into the publishing world. Destined to Fail will be self-published under my company Marching Ink, and there is a lot of information for authors to know when taking this step. So look for my blog posts to feature that information, thoughts on my writing and future works, maybe even a review or two from ChickLitPlus. And who knows what else I might get an urge to write about! I do have my Facebook and Twitter accounts set up for Samantha March, so please stop by and visit me while I put the final touches on Destined and get ready to publish!