My Writer’s To-Do List

I have been a big fan of lists for as long as I can remember. To-do lists, shopping lists, assignment lists in school. I had a list for everything. I’m even one of those weirdo’s that puts an item on my to-do list even after I’ve done it just to check it off. It’s a sickness. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that I have a bucket list – a very long bucket list. There are some standard items on there: get married, start a family, visit the Eiffel Tower, travel to Italy…and South America….and Greece – can you tell I’m a travel fiend? There are some harder ones – own a pair of Louboutin heels, attend a celebrity award show, go to the Super Bowl. And some that I’m happy to have accomplished – publish a book.

Now, I have a new bucket list to happily scrawl down ideas and goals for my books – a writers bucket list. This bucket list showcases all the different stories I want to write, the ways that I plan to stretch myself creatively when it comes to my books. I know that women’s fiction will be my genre, the one I plan to write the most books under. But I would also love to write a series, preferably YA but I’ll make that decision when it gets here. I’m also a big fan of books with a magical twist, such as the Enchanted series by Shanna Swedson. That genre is at the top of my list. Another item I have is to write a mystery.

When I first started reviewing books, I was reading Sheryl J. Anderson’s Molly Forrester books, and was absolutely in love with them. Though I’m not one to plan a lot of books before I start reading, so I know a mystery would be a whole new ballgame for me. I would probably need the basic items planned out – who is the victim, the suspects, the real killer, if it happened in the library with a candlestick – the usual details. But I know it would be a great challenge for me, and I would love to take it on. Another item on my writer’s bucket list is to write a book with the heroine as some sort of chef. Probably someone who runs her own restaurant. Why, you may ask? Because I’m terrible at cooking. Absolutely awful, the kitchen scares me, and there has been multiple times where my attempts have been thrown away. So what better time to learn about food, dive into the subject, and try to write about it. Will I fail at this like I fail at cooking? I’m going to say no – optimistically. In fact, I’m actually really looking forward to writing this book. Though I can see the tears and hair pulling and smoke alarms already.

When will I start working on this bucket list? I already have books three and four planned out, and book three will be the usual women’s fiction. Book four will be something that I have on my bucket list but haven’t shared in this post. I’m keeping it a surprise for a bit longer, because I’m so out of my mind excited about it. But book five…I’m thinking a good magical story could be in store for book five. I know more will keep getting added to my list, and I’m sure I will continue to write posts about what those subjects may be. Does anyone else have a writer’s bucket list, or just a bucket list in general? I’d love to hear the things you want to achieve. Thanks for reading!